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BOTS Conservatory

Broadway On the Side introduces our performance choirs for youth, grades 2nd through 12th. Song selection for all choirs will consist of age-appropriate music in a variety of styles, ranging from sacred music to show tunes. Students will learn singing, presentation, and social skills as they grow and develop proper techniques and have the opportunity to perform and compete.

Rehearsals are for one hour once a week with two concerts per term. 


(January 3 - April 27, 2023)


ACT ONE (grades 2nd - 4th)

Tuesdays, 4 PM - 5 PM

Instructor: Megan Nelson

For youth who love to sing - no previous singing experience needed.

Weekly instruction; students learn to join their voices in unison, sing expressively, and work as a team during group voice lessons; beginning part singing is introduced through rounds and partner songs; singers learn to sing with others and alone, as they participate in fun activities, games, and competitions which instill correct posture, breathing, and voice production while developing pitch matching and rhythmic skills.


ACT TWO (grades 5th - 7th)

Tuesdays, 5 PM - 6 PM

Instructor: Megan Nelson

Weekly instruction; students perform a varied repertoire of high-quality music in unison and multi-part harmony; students build on already learned techniques including singing expressively with others and alone, correct posture, breathing, and voice production to approach mastery.


ACT THREE (grades 8th - 12th)

Tuesdays, 5 PM - 6 PM

Instructor: Kelli Morris


Weekly instruction; provides vocal training and performance opportunities for high school age students; the stylistically and culturally varied repertoire is carefully selected for this age group; this level is aimed to achieve mastery.

We created our Conservatory program to provide the highest level of performing arts education for students of all ages which falls in line with our mission.

(Teachers are carefully selected and have passed an extensive background check.)

Every teacher with BOTS has an advanced degree in the performing arts and/or commensurate professional and performance experience at the collegiate and professional level. 


We believe that the success of a student depends on how that student responds when challenged, and when high expectations and goals are set. The foundational principles acquired in the serious pursuit of any area of the arts will positively affect every aspect of a student's life, including schooling and self-esteem.


By providing your child or yourself with the best education available, you are opening every window of opportunity.

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