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The Board of Directors supports the work of Broadway On The Side and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by BOTS' Executive Director and the Production Team, the Board-Production Team relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected.

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Jackie Barrett has always loved performing and the performing arts. She received a theatre degree from Brigham Young University studying Acting and Sound Design. She worked professionally as a sound designer for a few years, but her main goal is to bolster the theatre community wherever she lands. Her other passions include rock climbing, her hubby, and her two darlings Lily and Rose.

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Lauralye has been involved with theatre for over 18 years and hopes to continue doing it the rest of her life. She started directing at 17 years old and then worked as the assistant director for North Layton Junior High School's theatre department for 5 years. She has directed shows at Brigham City Fine Arts Center, Clearfield Community Arts, and Sweet Harmony Performing Arts. Along with directing, she has choreographed several shows utilizing her extensive dance background and training of 15 years. Lauralye's true passion in the theatre community lies with theatre arts education. She believes that it is pivotal to shaping lives and helping teach important life skills, and she loves doing just that.

"I believe theatre can provide a safe and supportive environment while also being extremely fun and rewarding. Theatre matters, theatre is important, and most of all, theatre is impactful."

Board of Directors

If you are interested in being involved with Broadway On The Side as a board member, a committee member, a liaison, in an advisory capacity, or in any other way, please email us at

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From auditions & callbacks to the final bows… Stacey loves everything about being cast in a musical theater production. She feels the arts are crucial to a well-rounded community and is happy to have the chance to help B.O.T.S. grow and bring more opportunities for participation in music, dance, theater and other art forms. 

"There’s no real theater without taking risks." 
~ Haris Pašović

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