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Online Audition Guidelines


Audition Submissions Due: JULY 4 

Performing: September 13 - October 5, 2024

(Character breakdown)

Auditions for:


will be accepted by virtual submission due no later than Thursday, July 4 by 11 PM. Please audition with a either a song from the show or a song that appropriately displays your vocal ability (click here for a character breakdown). Submit your video audition through the I.T.W. AUDITION FORM. Invitational callbacks are Saturday, July 6, 9 AM - 2 PM.

Both links will have further information including a tentative rehearsal schedule. 

CLICK HERE for guidelines.

Auditions are held at the Broadway On The Studio located at:

All interested non-union performers are encouraged to audition.

Please upload your headshot and resume to your audition form. Please fill out the required audition information in the online form and come to your audition with it already completed. Prepare one song selection, no longer than one verse and one chorus (approximately 16 bars) of sheet music from the musical theatre canon. Use your selection to showcase your vocal and storytelling ability. For this audition, please provide a backing track to ensure your best performance. Singing a cappella will not be permitted. 

Some of those that audition will be selected to return to the callback. The invitational callback will consist of a dance/movement audition, and some individuals will be asked to cold-read sides and sing selections from the production.


All virtual submissions will be submitted via the AUDITION FORM. In addition to the audition form guidelines:

  • Please SLATE at the beginning of your tape (i.e. state your full name and what song from what show you are presenting)

  • Please FRAME from the top of your head to just below your shoulder.

  • It would be helpful to tape in a quiet room with little or no background noise with the most advantageous lighting you can manage. We understand this can be challenging, so do the best you can.

  • The length of your entire video, including slate, should be no more than 90 seconds.


Part of our mission is to revitalize the arts in the community through education and cultural access for all and to create a safe place for anyone to explore their relationship with the arts. Our shows are designed to do exactly that.

Often times a performer is not cast in a role because they do not fit the director's vision which we understand and respect. What this can mean is that someone who may be cast as Cinderella may never get the chance to play a Wicked Step-Sister (or vice-versa) due to the constraints of casting a full-fledged musical. So what we do is something a little different, something that allows us to cast with or against the standard and give performers a chance to do something they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do - maybe it's a role you are not the right gender for, maybe you direct shows but rarely get to be in them, or maybe there's a wonderful song you would love to perform but probably never will because the show it is from is simply terrible. This is why we do what we do and hope you will join us!

Audition Information

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