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Broadway On The Side... A Small Company With Big Dreams

Updated: Feb 13, 2023


Nov 7, 2022

This past weekend, I attended a concert, more of a musical review. It was held in one of the smallest venues I've ever attended. The stage, at times, barely fit the performers when they all participated at once. And, I'd never heard of this particular company before this fall.

But, what I saw and experienced when I attended Broadway On The Side's production of, Heroes and Villains, was wonderful.

Of course, it helps when your daughter is in the cast.

Still, I've attended and performed in hundreds of choir concerts, musical reviews, community theater shows--not many Broadway or West End productions--but I feel confident to say that I can tell musical talent when I see and hear it. On a crisp Friday evening in a small space in Harrisville, Utah, I witnessed solid talent on that small and inconspicuous stage. It was a refreshing delight.

Not only was I impressed by the voices, but the story of this new arts company was perhaps the most inspiring. Megan Worthen Nelson spoke to the audience before anyone took the stage and explained a vision of where the group wants to be in the future--it's a bright and incredible future if it comes to pass. They foresee building their own theater, a place where not only their own productions take place, but where the community can come together for recitals, concerts, and other acts. They also have begun youth programs, classes, and workshops.

It reminded me of the experiences I witnessed in Davis County in the past two decades. An established theater, Rodgers Memorial Theatre, grew from a small space in a strip mall to a state-of-the-art building where thousands of performers and techs and tens of thousands of patrons have grown emotionally, laughed and cried as a community, as neighbors, family, and friends. The impact of this theater on the people of Davis County and Utah cannot be seen on paper, but it has made the area better in so many ways.

As we watched the singers and listened to their voices as they told their stories, the dream of building something not just good, but exceptional, felt real, tangible, obtainable. Oh, how I hope this dream happens. So much good would come of it. If you're interested in helping support Broadway on the Side, you can access their website by clicking: HERE. You can also follow them on almost every social media platform.

Last Friday, in one of the smallest venues I've ever attended, I saw performers with obvious talents, but I also saw brave and determined people working towards a dream to make life better for us all.


For more information about our upcoming shows, programs, and fundraising efforts, visit

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