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All you need is love... AND tickets to see "Love, Love, Love" at Broadway On The Side!


Feb 12, 2023

By Lauralye Anderson | Utah Theatre Reviewer

Broadway On Tnot-so-popularhe Side does it again with another spectacular show! With a cabaret based all around love, including the different aspects of it, this was bound to be a wonderful show and definitely met and even exceeded my expectations. Song selections ranged from popular musicals and pop songs to more rare or not so popular musicals giving the show a nice flow and kept audience members excited for each song. Something that I enjoyed about this particular cabaret was the narration from cast members between songs. It added a nice little touch and gave the cast a little more to do throughout the duration of the show.

The definition of a cabaret is live entertainment, and I can guarantee just that with this performance. The vocals were extremely strong from each and every performer whether they were singing a solo or in a group, they all held their own and gave it their all. Some of these performers and their performances specifically stuck out to me: Katie Loftus, giving a stunning performance of "On My Own" from Les Misérables, filled the whole building with her warm and smooth alto voice. Gracie Sabin not only had a gorgeous soprano voice that rang true and clear during group numbers, but she also brought a moving confidence to her rendition of "Mamma Mia" from Mamma Mia. Westleigh Bush had a unique and wonderful voice that he showcased in "Some Enchanted Evening" from South Pacific. Jackie Manning, who performed "Gimme Gimme" from Thoroughly Modern Millie, had some of the strongest vocals all night and gave an outstanding performance. Her strong and captivating voice had the audience absolutely mesmerized. The performance that stuck out the most to me was and original song called "The Truth" written by the founder of Broadway on the Side, Megan Worthen Nelson. This song was a small group number sung by the women in the cast. The way all their voices blended and melted together had me in tears, but the meaning of the song is what led those tears to fall profusely from my eyes! The song mainly focuses on self-worth, and it had many people in the audience moved to tears.

One of my favorite things about the shows at Broadway on the Side is the lighting design by Val Seiler! For such a small venue, the light design brings the show all together flawlessly and is executed in the best ways possible. With beautiful hues of pinks and softer colors, it added so much to the whole shows' element. One of my favorite lighting moments was during the song "When Words Fail" from Shrek the Musical. As four men stood across the stage, a brilliant green hue was shining just right on all of them and added the perfect extra level to the song!

If you're looking to add a little extra love this February, head on over to Broadway On The Side in Ogden, Utah. "Love, Love, Love" is playing Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 PM and Saturday at 2 PM through February 18th. Tickets range from $12-15. Not only does buying tickets for the show provide this company to perform wonderful shows, but it also helps them raise funds and awareness for a true, professional Arts Center in Weber County. For more information on their upcoming shows (including youth productions of Disney Frozen Jr. and Shrek the Musical Jr.) visit their website at! Thank you, Broadway On The Side, for a wonderful evening! Theatre matters, theatre is important, theatre is impactful.


For more information about our upcoming shows, programs, and fundraising efforts, visit

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