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Virtual Audition Guidelines

Auditions for MACBETH will be held by appointment Thursday, September 7 from 6:30-8:30 pm


CLICK HERE to schedule an audition appointment for MACBETH.


Walk-ins are also welcome and will be seen on a first-come first-serve basis.


Deadline for virtual auditions is Thursday, September 7 by 8:30 PM. CLICK HERE for guidelines.

Please fill out your audition form HERE PRIOR to auditioning.


Click HERE for character breakdown.


Auditions are open to those 14 and up, unless otherwise noted or requested permission has been received.

All interested non-union performers are encouraged to audition.

Auditions are held at the Broadway On The Studio located at:

454 N 325 E, Ogden, UT 84414.


To audition, prepare one Shakespeare monologue of your choice running 60 seconds or less. Please hold your monologue (or a piece of paper) in hand when auditioning. Use your selection to showcase your acting and storytelling ability.

If you are auditioning in person, please upload your headshot and resume HERE on our audition form prior to your audition. This can be done on your computer or phone at any point BEFORE you walk in the room to audition. 


For the audition form you will need:

  • a current headshot (to upload)

  • a current resume (to upload) *We encourage auditioners to list as many experiences and additional skills as they would like to share.

  • a list of potential and actual conflicts for the rehearsal and performance time frame

Some of those that audition may be selected to return to an invitational callback in Ogden, UT. Not being asked to attend callbacks doesn't necessarily mean you won't be cast. 


All virtual submissions will be submitted via the AUDITION FORM. In addition to the audition form guidelines:

  • Please SLATE at the beginning of your tape (i.e. state your full name and what monologue from what show you are presenting)

  • Please FRAME from the top of your head to just below your shoulder.

  • It would be helpful to tape in a quiet room with little or no background noise with the most advantageous lighting you can manage. We understand this can be challenging, so do the best you can.

  • The length of your entire video, including slate, should be no more than 90 seconds.

If you are unable to attend in-person auditions and would like to submit a virtual audition, you may do so through the audition form HERE



Rehearsals are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday with occasional Saturdays dependent on actor availability. Performances are Thursday and Friday at 7 PM with Saturday shows at 2 PM and 7 PM.


We understand a performer's life is full of commitments, so we intentionally schedule each show's rehearsal calendar based on the performers' given availability at time of audition to limit if not eliminate missed rehearsals. Because of this scheduling, you may be called once one week or three times another. Regardless, we expect our performers to work on their music/scenes on their own to make the most of our limited rehearsals. That being said, we are willing to schedule additional rehearsals if a cast member requests it (within reason).



The format for our Shakespearean plays is different. We use blocking, limited sets and props, little to no costuming, and scripts in hands to bring each story to life. Part of our mission is to revitalize the arts in the community through education and cultural access and to create a safe place for anyone to explore their relationship with the arts. These shows are designed to do exactly that.


This is the SHAKES' ON THE SIDE series and is our answer to making Shakespeare more accessible to both actors and viewers alike. This medium provides more comfortability with the text for the actors and the opportunity to truly get it right so the audience has a greater chance of understanding and enjoying the Bard's works. Less time in, more performance gratification out.

Often times a performer is not cast in a role because they do not fit the director's vision which we understand and respect. What this can mean is that someone who may be cast as Cinderella may never get the chance to play a Wicked Step-Sister (or vice-versa) due to the constraints of casting a full-fledged musical. So what we do is something a little different, something that allows us to cast with or against the standard and give performers a chance to do something they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do - maybe it's a role you are not the right gender for, maybe you direct shows but rarely get to be in them, or maybe there's a wonderful song you would love to perform but probably never will because the show it is from is simply terrible. This is why we do what we do and hope you will join us!


MACBETH any gender, age 14-99

Thane of Glamis and married to Lady Macbeth. They are a brave and successful captain in King Duncan's army.

LADY MACBETH any gender, age 14-99

Married to Macbeth and lives at their home in Inverness. They have no children.

THE WITCHES any gender, age 14-99

Three weird "sisters" who have supernatural powers and can cast spells.

BANQUO any gender, age 14-99

Friend of Macbeth and a fellow captain. Along with Macbeth, they have led the Scottish troops to victory.

MACDUFF any gender, age 14-99

Thane of Fife; married to Lady Macduff  and has children.

DUNCAN any gender, age 14-99

King of Scotland; a generous and well-liked ruler.

MALCOLM any gender, age 10-99

King Duncan's eldest child; heir to the throne.

DONALBAIN any gender, age 14-99

King Duncan's second child; after the king's death he suggests to Malcolm that they quickly leave.

ROSS any gender, age 14-99

A thane; brings reports of Macbeth's bravery to King Duncan.

FLEANCE any gender, age 10-99

Banquo's youngest child.

Several supporting roles. For a detailed breakdown of all MACBETH characters visit HERE.

Shakes' On The Side

Audition Information

Character Breakdown
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