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Showcase Breakdown


Audition with what YOU want to perform!


Showcases provide the opportunity for performers to perform their favorite songs that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to perform. You have the opportunity to be in a show with minimal rehearsals but a fun and professional quality performance.

For the DISNEY ON THE SIDE showcase, please audition with a song from anything Disney and the Magic Kingdom.





You may audition with a solo, duet, trio, quartet, and/or group number. Choreography is welcome but not necessary.


Often times a performer is not cast in a role because they do not fit the director's vision which is understood and respected. What this can mean is that someone who may be cast as a Wicked Step-Sister may never get the chance to play Cinderella due to the constraints of casting a full-fledged musical.


So what we decided to do is provide something a little bit different, something that allows us to cast against the standard and give performers a chance to do something they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do - maybe it's a role they are not the right gender for, maybe they direct shows but never get to be in them, or maybe there's a wonderful song that never gets performed because the show it's from is simply terrible. That is why we do what we do. But it's not just for the performers, it's for our community and the surrounding areas so we all can enjoy a little more Broadway... on the side. 

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